*Free. We analyze your business processes and report on how exactly you can benefit from telematics.


*Free. We advise on how to implement telematics hardware and software to solve your tasks.


*Refundable anytime. We install GPS and IoT devices in your vehicles and connect them to telematics software.


*Free hardware. If you're unhappy with your GPS provider, we'll migrate you to KLOUD software at no extra cost. 

How we connect transport, people, and machinery

trusted GPS tracking and fleet management company in Germany


Our client's biggest annual savings.


Vehicles under control.


Companies entrust business to KLOUDIP.


Years on the market.


The remote maintenance management app.


The driving style monitoring interface.


The public transportation management platform.


The service for delivery & distribution companies.


The solution designed for fuel card control.

HAZER Specific

Task-specific IoT applications.

why kloudip?

Best prices

Use KLOUDIP solution configurator to add or remove apps, trackers, and sensors, thus, shaping the price.

free devices

If you migrate from another system, we offer new GPS equipment for free, making migration cost nothing. 

Fast support

We resolve issues 8 hours online or 48 hours on-site, and perform new installations within 14 days.

free trial

Try our solutions at no cost for 60 days. Thus, start saving before you pay a cent.

refund anytime

If you are unhappy with the services or results, we'll pay back the money spent on GPS and IoT hardware.

Focus on ROI

We'll return your investments. If a company pays $1, we ensure that it saves $10 by fine-tuning operations.

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