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Telematics Hardware - TRAZET MOBILE
Mobile telematics device .
Warranty-1 (Subject to regular charging).
€ 30,000.00 30000.0 EUR
Telematics Hardware - TRAZET ONE
Fixed telematics device.
€ 20,000.00 20000.0 EUR
EPORT EPC Top up - Per Trip
Top up EPC to be used on EPORT platform for trips.
-One EPC is consumed per trip (multi-stop delivery round).
-No limits on orders, users, vehicles and drivers.
-Login to account and top up for automatic update.
-You must have an EPORT account to use EPC.
-No expiration.
€ 500.00 € 1.00 1.0 EUR
FiOS Premium
Monitor and manage units via FiOS Premium comprehensive telematics platform.
€ 2,500.00 2500.0 EUR
FiOS Applications
Value added telematics software applications.
-You may add any one or multiple software applications.
-You must have an active FiOS Premium account to add and use.
-Some applications may require additional hardware options.
€ 1,000.00 1000.0 EUR
Monitor and manage units via FiOSLite with essential management tools.
€ 1,500.00 1500.0 EUR